14 April 2012

04. Get and Stay in the MOOD

Chase Him Down

04. Get and Stay in the MOOD

Do you find yourself having a "I'm not in the mood" day?  If so then this tip is for you!  Getting yourself in the mood is half the battle.  If you pay attention to your own feelings first you might find yourself initiating sex later.  How do you fight that battle and get yourself in the mood?  Spend some time day dreaming in detail about the last time you had sex or the last time you had hot sex.  If you focus on the details , what position where you in, what felt really good, where did he kiss you, etc, then this should help get you hot and bothered.  Other tips might be exercising to boost endorphins, wearing lingerie under your regular clothes, or looking at some naughty pictures of your spouse.  These tips will help remind you of the amazing sex you have with your husband all day long and get you so hot that you won't be able to resist keeping your hands off your husband!  What are you waiting for, start day dreaming!!!   

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