08 April 2012

06. I'm Sorry

Happy Easter Everyone!!!  I hope you are enjoying the day in your special way.  Since it is Easter I thought I would make the challenge of the week align with an Easter-ish theme of repentance.

Fight for Your Love

06. I'm Sorry

We all make mistakes and are far from being perfect.  So then why is it so hard to say, "I'm sorry"?  We teach our kids to say sincere apologies to their siblings.  We notice situations where people mess up and need to say sorry.  We are quick to tell others that they have offended us.  For some people it is hard for them to realize that they have made a mistake.  For others they are too prideful and don't want to admit their wrong doings.  Yet for some they feel too ashamed to admit they have weaknesses.  In all these situations it is still important for us to say I'm sorry when we are in the wrong.  Saying I'm sorry and meaning it in your relationship will help to improve your marriage in more ways then you realize.  It will let your spouse know that you are trying to improve, that you care about their feelings, that you aren't always right, and that you are humble enough to admit your failings.  So man or women up and be the first to say I'm sorry to your spouse when you have made a bad choice.

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