22 April 2012

08. Timing is the Best Policy

Fight for Your Love

08.  Timing is the Best Policy

How many times have you heard, "Honesty is the best policy?"  Is it really?  Honesty is the best policy when the timing is right and when it is not brutal.  These are times when the timing isn't right: When you find yourself or your partner in a bad mood, a stressed out situation, when your partner isn't listening, or when either of you are angry.  This can lead to beating an issue to death, closing lines of communication, taking an issue deeper into negativity, or belittling or shaming each other.  Harriet Lerner says all that I'm trying to say in a tiny precise package, "Timing and tact in marriage are not the opposite of honesty.  When emotions are running high, timing and tact are precisely what make honesty possible."

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