16 April 2012


This was our kitchen before and after.
What you don't see in the before picture
is the baskets holding our chips and
treats on the floor next to the white
cupboard.  We still have a little more
remodeling to do. Instead of working
till midnight we ended our
night with "We bought a Zoo."
Spring Date Night:  Remodel
Cost: Free or cost of supplies
Perks:  Be serious a little, goof around a little, take a sex break, then get back to work.

Spring cleaning is in the air!  Nothing is as boring as cleaning all by yourself.  So make a date out of it and watch how fun it becomes.  The two of you can work quicker together and accomplish more then just one of you alone.  So find a spot in your house that needs a little remodeling, move a few things around, clean it up, and enjoy your new space.  The more you love your home the more you will love being in it together!

If you have any spring date ideas please share them.  Spring is the time to fall in love all over again and again! We love all the creative ideas we can get!!!

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