15 April 2012

07. Be Kind

Fight for Your Love

07. Be Kind

This is almost always easier said then done.  Being kind can be really difficult but is very possible if you work at it.  Sometimes we don't feel kind.  Sometimes we want the other person to be kind first.  Then there are times when being kind might feel fake.  I love the saying that goes something like this, "Fake it till you make it."  Sometimes we have to put negativity, criticism, and bitterness on the back burner and refrain from behaving in any of those manners.  Instead be kind, respectful, supporting, and generous.  Behaving in this positive manner will help create a sense of authenticity, truth telling, and productive problem solving.  There is this great little quote I want to share with you by Marianne Ault-Riche, "It's just when your partner is being the biggest jerk that you're called upon to be your best self."

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