14 February 2013

33-40. Tickled Twist Round-Up Part Two

 Tickled Twist Heart Day

Are you a procrastinator?  Or are you looking for a few last touches to make your night complete?  These ideas are perfect little additions to your Valentine's night.    If you haven't quite come up with a plan for the night take a peek at the last three dates that you can put together in a cinch!  

33.  5 Things

(source: Get Buttoned Up

Ditch the Valentine card and go to Get Buttoned Up and grab this instead!!!  This is sweet and adorable and your Valentine will swoon over a list of why you heart them. 

Tickled Twist:  Write down the top five things you adore about your Valentine on an intimate level.  Describe how you love the way they touch you when they are hot and bothered.  Be explicit with details and make them see why you love their dirty deeds.  Get them hot and bothered by your top five things.   Chances are you might create a new thing you love about them! 

34.  Heart Attack

A heart attack isn't anything new.  But a heart attack in a box is definitely unique.  This cute idea comes from The House That Lars Built.

Tickled Twist:  Of course you know where I'm going with this.  On random hearts write a naughty thought, a naughty deed, or a naughty fantasy.  Think of the fun your Valentine will have discovering their naughty treasures.

35.  Heart Balloon Surprise

(Source: Oh Happy Day

Think of how happy you will make your Valentine with this little surprise by Oh Happy Day

Tickled Twist:  Now think of how giddy your Valentine will be if they find romantic puzzle notes inside the hearts.  I'm thinking you should write out an explicit fantasy on several or many puzzle pieces.  I bet this will be the quickest puzzle they'll ever put together!  

36.  Matchbox Treats

(Source: Ivillage)

Valentine's doesn't get any easier than this idea from Ivillage!  All you need is a matchbox and cute paper and you've got a darling Valentine. 

Tickled Twist:  Fill up your matchbox with a romantic item.  A new bedroom toy, a lacy panty, a blindfold, lube, etc.  Now this makes it easy and a sexy Valentine! 

37. Riesens Why...

(Source: Lil' Luna)

This idea is from Lil' Luna and it is just adorable.  If you've got a honey that has a sweet tooth this is the gift for you!  

Tickled Twist:  I made this for my hubby for one of his Christmas gifts and it was a huge hit.  With the candy I added in strips of reasons why I love him in bed.  I have a note hanging from the jar that says, "Remember for every riesen you eat there are several riesens why I love you in bed."  The notes were devoured the moment he got the gift and half of the candy remains.  In my book, this means my gift was a hit! Chances are it will be a hit in your home too!  


Now for those of you who don't have anything planned for the night here are a few quick and easy ideas that could be put together in seconds!  

38. Grocery Sticky Hunt

(source: The Dating Divas)

Are you looking for a date on Valentine's?  If so, this idea from The Dating Divas would be a unique and adventurous idea!  Send your honey on a hunt through the grocery store filled with love notes to help him on his way. 

Tickled Twist:  Follow the idea right up until the part where you make sundaes.  No dishes allowed!  Use the sundae items as body desserts and create sundaes on your body.  Talk about a yummy foreplay session!  

39.  It's a Match

(source:  The Dating Divas)

Another great idea for a little Valentine's spark from The Dating Divas.   Play a steamy version of the little kids game "Match."

Tickled Twist:  There are a few blank cards.  On the blank cards insert a sexy picture of yourself holding up a paper with a naughty deed written on it.  Or you can place naughty pictures all throughout the game by omitting a few of the cards and replacing them with pictures.  Another twist would be to fill in the blank cards with something super naughty to really make the game steamy!  This would be a great game to end your night! 

40.  The Love Shack Date Night

(source: The Dating Divas)

I can't help it, I love The Dating Divas.  This is a steamy and cute ideas.  You can't go wrong with this!!!   Take a peek at some of the games for two that are linked at the bottom of the post for a few other wonderful ideas!

Tickled Twist: Give him a coupon that says, "Anything Goes" and make all his dreams come true!

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