06 February 2013

I'm Secretly Stalking TFB!!!

Glitter In The Air

I have been secretly stalking
My new favorite romance gift out there...

I have to tell you a little secret about someone I've been stalking for a while now...There name is The Fantasy Box!!! I'm in love with their logo, Give Date Night A Spanking, along with quite a few other things!   

Have you checked them out??? They deliver a CLASSY, ROMANTIC, and unbelievably SEXY box right to your door every month. They help you keep that fire alive and help you fulfill a few fantasies!!   Seriously they are adorable. Go check them out!!!

I patiently awaited for my box in the mail and can I just say the wait was worth it!!!  My hubby was even impressed, that's not always easy to do.  Sadly we haven't had a chance to use it yet, it's just sitting by its lonesome on my bedroom dresser, just as sexy as can be.  It's kinda sitting there teasing or mocking us, I can't quite decide yet! My hubby has been gone 3 days straight, with work, and I have been sick, so diving in has been out of the question!  I will be doing a review very soon, I promise!  My hubby and I need to PLAY with it a little or a lot (*wink, wink) first!

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