13 February 2013

28-32. Tickled Twist Round-Up Part One

 Tickled Twist Happy Heart Day

28. Box of Lovin'

(source: Eighteen25)

Ok, how adorable is this box of love notes by Eighteen25?! I love everything about this from the printables to the color scheme, it's one perfect package!  Wait till you click over to the site and take a peek at the love notes, they are perfectly darling!

Tickled Twist:  I love the idea of a love box, but I think we should make it a loving box.  Write fantasies, wishes, I owe you's, or any other sexy tidbit on these note cards.  Maybe place an item along with each note, for example a blindfold for a secret taste test off your body, or a bedroom toy with specific instructions on how you want to use it, or flavored lube for an oral delight.  You get the idea!  Take turns placing notes into the box and fulfilling the naughty deeds!   This is the type of gift that keeps giving!

29. Fortunate To Have You

Who doesn't love fortune cookies?! I love this cute printable and fortune cookie favor by Tammy Mitchell Designs.  Great way to let your hubby know how fortunate you are to have them as your best friend.

Tickled Twist:  Place one fortune cookie in the favor, so they get the "fortunate" context.  Now fill the box with fortunes that you create.  Make them naughty, spicy, and steamy.  Fortune cookies will have a whole new meaning after this gift!

30. I Heart You

(source: Oopsey Daisy)

Scratch off cards create anticipation and draw out the fun!  This is a sure fire hit for any Valentine from Oopsey Daisy

Tickled Twist:  Instead of writing lovey dovey things, write sexual deeds that you will fulfill.  Draw this out for a few months by letting your Valentine scratch off one heart per week.  Think of the adventure you two will have in the next 10 weeks!!!  Do I even need to say that your hubby is going to drool over this gift?!

31. Valentine's Kit

(source: Blue Robin Cottage)

This sweet little kit comes from Blue Robin Cottage.  This little kit comes with things to make your honey's day a little sweeter.  The idea is very original and unique and not one bit corny, which means your Valentine will love it. 

Tickled Twist:  I love this cute idea and the cute items in this kit.  My little twist would be to spice it up just a bit.  Add in a note saying that items indicate that romance is in store.  The hankie, transforms into a sex towel.  The lip balm indicates it's time for a sultry chocolate kiss, pop in a Hershy's kiss and lip lock, kiss until the chocolate is gone.  On the spool note write a sexy question such as, "What do you find sexy about me in bed?"  Whenever the spool appears the question has to be answered on the spot.  Use the hearts to place on pillows when you are in the mood.  When a heart appears on your pillow you are in charge of initiating that day.  You guys can have fun playing with this kit for months and months to come!

32. Fountain of Hearts

(source Mr. Printables)

I love this little or big card full of hearts by Mr. Printables.  Can you picture how excited your honey will be when they open a card that keeps going and going?  I love it!

Tickled Twist:  Write a steamy note on the hearts.  Really get your sweeties heart beating as the note is revealed on hearts line by line!   

Of course you love these!   They are darling printables with sexy ideas that your Valentine is sure to love.

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Stay tuned for tomorrows post that will feature five more yummy ideas!

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