12 February 2013

27. Your Romance Novel

 Tickled Twist Heart Day

27. Your Romance Novel

(source: Living Locurto)

This is a lovey dovey teacher gift by Living Locurto.  Complete with printables to decorate a notebook and make a cute card.   The design is gorgeous and I love the idea.  If you have kids this would be a huge hit for their teacher. 

Tickled Twist:  I think this is adorable but I want to spice it up a bit. Use all the printables and create a notebook for the two of you.  Now why would you need a notebook?  So you two can record some of your steamy moments, memories, and fantasies with each other.  Think of it as your romance novel!  Before presenting your gift, write the name of your novel on the first page.  Write down the names of the authors and the copyright date too.  On the second page write the first entry and leave a little note telling your valentine that it's there turn to leave an entry.  Yes, make this a tag romance novel, think of all the possibilities!!! 

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