06 May 2013

02. The Masseuse Parlor

 Spank It 

I am soo exited to introduce today's fun idea!  I have been working on this for way longer then I thought and it's way over due, but I promise you are going to love it.  I've seen this type of idea out there and I wanted to create something that would be exciting, surprising, and enjoyable for you to act out and put together. Are you ready to dive into the masseuse parlor! 

Do I have to mention that these Spank It cards are for couples in monogamous relationships, you don't want to dive into fantasy role playing with someone you are having a fling with because the experience is not as fun, supportive, or fulfilling, trust me!

A little side note for all of you...I am a licensed massage therapist and one thing we don't enjoy being called is a masseuse, so don't do it! A masseuse does quite a bit more then just massage, they provide happy endings, sexual favors, and a whole lot more! The only person who is allowed to call me masseuse is my hubby cause I'm definitely giving him happy endings!!

02. The Masseuse Parlor

Get excited for this fantasy, you two are going to love role-playing with these cards.  It will make the process smoother, less intense, and give you a confidence boost.  Click on "The Masseuse Parlor" photo below to dive into the scenario of Masseuse and Client and bit more. 

Rules of play: 

Set The Date

The two of you need to set aside a DATE NIGHT to fulfill your roles. Let's say you decided to SPANK IT this Friday...To give you plenty of time you would both take a peek at your individual cards today (ssh it's a secret, so don't spoil it!), print them off, and gather any needed props to help you complete the fantasy.  I'm going to say this several times because it's super important...Your cards and activities are a SECRET, so don't spill the beans quite yet, you don't want to spoil your night!

No Distractions 

If you have kids, get a sitter or swap for an overnight sleep over with another couple. You want to have plenty of time to play your roles without any distractions! 

Role Playing

You each have a card that's just for you, so don't share it with your sweetheart. Spank it date nights are certainly reasons to keep secrets! Remember you two want to have a rocking night, so get prepared to act your part by taking the time necessary to read your card over and over again and to practice. The goal is to make your honey weak in the knees! 


Your honey already loves you and is excited to spice up your spank it date night, so don't let embarrassment, shyness, or doubt creep into your mind! Both of you are feeling a little vulnerable and timid because you are trying something new, that's ok, remember praise and compliments go a long way, so give a lot of them while you are playing your roles! You're lover doesn't care if you don't play the role perfectly, because they don't know what you are supposed to do, which is why you keep your role playing card a secret! The key is to have fun playing another role, get lost in the character, and make your night HOT!!!

Spank It Cards

Each card will have a list of actions, props, tips, ect. to help you fulfill your role.  At the bottom of each card you will find a little note of encouragement and reminders from me, so don't skip over that, you'll hurt my feelings and besides I've got nothing but juicy things to say! 


It is important to pick your partner's brain about fantasy playing before you begin. If you took my advice last month, the two of you should have had plenty of time to discuss your Spank It role playing boundaries, likes and dislikes, ect by now.  

If you haven't, I need you to click on over to -> SHARE YOUR FANTASIES, I'll wait right here, so take your time reading and discussing. Welcome back to those of you who clicked on over to the previous share your fantasies post, let's continue! 

While acting out these roles remember the limitations you have set and don't cross boundary lines that are no-no's in order for the two of you to be comfortable, feel safe, and thrill in the experience. 


Each role card is not designated to a certain gender, which means either of you could play any role. After reading "The Massage Parlor Scenario", the two of you have decided which role you want to play, if you haven't yet, hurry and make the discussion. Ok, decisions are made and now you are dying to just play the game already...

So here we go, if you are playing the MASSEUSE, scroll down just a bit, click on your card, and print it off.  If you are playing the CLIENT, bypass the masseuse card, scroll down to the bottom, click on your card, and print it off. 


Hello, masseuse! Click on this card ONLY and print it off! If you peek at the client card you will eliminate the surprise, anticipation, and spice of the night.  So be a good boy or girl and just look at your own card!  Ready, set, click! This where your journey begins and your reading almost ends...Hurry and scroll down to the very bottom of the post for more goodies! Yes, I'm trying to kick you off the post as soon as possible, quickly scroll down, don't even look at the next card, so you aren't tempted in the least!


Hello, CLIENT! click on this card only. DO NOT PEEK AT THE MASSEUSE CARD! If you peek at the masseuse card you will eliminate the surprise, anticipation, and spice of the night.  So be a good boy or girl and just look at your own card!  Ready, set, click! 

You two are going to be one happy couple after your spank it date night!!!  Woo, Hoo, I'm excited for you!!! 

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  1. Angie, so much fun, huh?!!! I'm surprising my hubby with this, he's no idea! lol xox

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