09 May 2013

02. We've Grown Apart In The Bedroom

 Sex Stoppers

02. We've Grown Apart In The Bedroom

When life gets too busy, or too many frustrations build up, or being in the mood has been non-existent sex is easily put to the back burner. Soon weeks and months go by without even a thought of sex entering your relationship.  The thought of initiating sex seems forced, awkward, or unnatural. Yep, your sex life has flow out the window!

Fix It: 

Spend "quality" time together and reconnect in a non-sexual way first before heading straight to the sexual stuff. "Quality" time means one-on-one focused time together, free of kids, distractions, or complications.  

Daily-Schedule 30 minutes each day for drama and issue free one on one time to connect. These conversations should be free of judgement and a free space to talk about anything. 

Weekly- Schedule date night. Change up the norm, if movie and dinner is the normal date night switch it to a hike, breakfast in bed together, learning something new, bowling, or a stroll at the farmers market. Sharing these intimate moments together will help you reconnect and your desire for each other will blossom from there. Once you've built up that bond, suggest sneaking in a quickie when you're out on the town together. This will build up excitement and make it your own little secret, which will help to increase the bond and desire between the two of you. 

The Key:

Reconnect with focused "quality" time, build a bond, and bring back desire.

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