15 November 2012

03. Moan or Whisper

 Hot Baby Bumps

03. Moan or Whisper

When it comes to heavenly sex we all want to get what we want, right? If we could get exactly what we wanted every time we would be on cloud nine. Sometimes we participate in a sexual experience hoping our spouse will read our minds. This is unrealistic, we need to be active participants in our enjoyment. 

Sometimes with kids around we find ourselves not looking forward to sex, not having enough energy for sex, or bored with the same sex routine. If you want to heat things up you are going to need to make some NOISE. It doesn't have to be panic alarm loud, but moans or whispers will heat things up. Moans or specific whispers let your partner know when they are doing things right. Add a little dirty talk or offer more suggestions to congratulate acts that you want repeated. I'm sure we all praise our kids with direct compliments and specific examples, this same technique will work wonders with your spouse. 

If this idea makes you blush, take baby steps. Start with moans and little whispers of praise then gradually move into more specifics when you're comfortable. Soon you'll find yourself daydreaming in the afternoon about what your honey said in bed the night before and you will be revving to get home and have sex no matter what the kids are up to!!! 

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