03 November 2012

01. Koa Kea Hotel and Resort

Romantic Travels

01. Koa Kea Hotel and Resort (Koloa, Hawaii)

This is a small boutique hotel where you'll feel like this is your personal place. On the first floor you will have your own lounge chair outside to people watch, enjoy the sun, and feel like your backyard. The hotel experience is different from a bigger hotel and feels more personable and cozy. Make sure you go to the sand bar and snorkel on poi'pu beach! If you need directions to anything, the hotel has directions to popular places printed on a cue card for you that also has a description of the place you are headed! very convienant and easy. This is one to add to your future romantic travels!

Can't get away...Set up lounge chairs in your backyard. Grab some sand and a baby pool. Make tropical drinks and enjoy the sun!!! 

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