14 November 2012

Give Thanks Jar

Glitter In The Air

I love this section because I get to share some of my favorites with you.  How many of you know about Somewhat Simple?   This is your one stop shop for all sorts of beautiful finds. 

While looking through Somewhat Simple I found a printable craft that is perfect for our love gratitude challenge and all year through (for those of you who want to prolong this challenge).  

The idea is creating a chain with slips of paper that have different thankful prompts on them.  Super cute, I promise you are going to love her prompts!!! The prompts will help spark ideas of new "grateful" things to write about.  Her idea is for the whole family and of course my idea is just for the two of you.  Print the lovely printable, decorate your jar, place it in your bedroom, and create a chain just for the two of you.  

Click on picture to get your free printable download from Somewhat Simple. 

PS.  Not only does she have this cute printable but she has a discount for other cute gratitude books and other ideas.  Don't miss the special, CHECK IT OUT ASAP!!! 

If you love this ah-mazing idea take a peek of more Glitter In The Air by clicking HERE

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