06 December 2011

09. Is Chocolate More Important Than Sex???

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09.  Is Chocolate More Important Than Sex???

Researchers asked college-aged men and women to fill out a questionnaire detailing their attitudes toward sex, and then they were given a device to help them tally how often they thought about sex during the day. Men were found to think about sex around 19 times a day, while women thought about sex around 10 times a day. Hence, while men did spend slightly more time engaging in sexual thoughts, women were not far behind.

These findings have much to teach us about our current sexual landscape. While young men still lead the pack when it comes to sexual thoughts, it is interesting to see young women gaining on them. Clearly, sexuality and sexual desires are not limited only to the male of the species, and women have just as many fantasies and sexual impulses as men do.

And, while many women might have felt embarrassed to give into sexual thoughts, most were comfortable confessing their thoughts about food. While women thought about sex only 10 times a day on average, they thought about food 15 times a day. Maybe instead of starting the latest fad diet on New Year’s Day, women can simply revamp their frame of mind. For example, instead of thinking about a slice of chocolate cake when you are bored or frustrated, why not think of an exciting sexual fantasy to brighten up the day?

By generating more sexual thoughts throughout the day and creating a mental landscape that celebrates and welcomes sex, you will be much more likely to enjoy sex with your partner and to initiate sexual contact in an organic and spontaneous way. That’s way better than any diet!

Excerpts taken from an article by Dr. Laura Berman


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