10 December 2011

Men's Top 10...

1. Sports or Concert Tickets $50 plus at Ticketmaster
2. A Great Ipod Dock $349 at Bose
3. A Classic Blazer $200 plus at J. Crew
4. A Phone Upgrade $ 100 plus at their Wireless Provider
5. An Espresso Machine $699 at Breville
7. Cologne $50 plus at Sephora
8. DVD TV Collection  $50 at Amazon
9. Polo Ralph Lauren Waffle Knit Robe $98 at Nordstrom
10. Money Clip Card Holder $64 at Filson

These boys are pretty pricey! lol...

Seriously it's not the price of the gift that guys are looking for.  Remember guys truly love knowing that your gift demonstrates that you actually put some thought into it-according to your hobbies and interests.


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