07 February 2012

14. Breakfast Surprise

Tickled Twist Heart Day

14. Breakfast Surprise

I love this idea. Adults love kiddy things almost as much as kids do. So my little twist on this would be having a Breakfast Surprise for dinner alone with you and your hubby. Prepare some of these yummy treats and add something a little hearty, say a breakfast scramble, frittata, or quiche. This is a must, reserve a little syrup for a very adult breakfast in bed after dinner!

Tickled Twist:  This would be perfect for lunch, giving you enough time to set up the scene.  Invite your hubby home for lunch, or have him take an hour or two off of work.  Create a path of the follow me notes and arrows leading to bedroom.   Be waiting in sexy lingerie or an apron, only the apron.   Have a spread of yummy foods that can be eaten cold or off each other.  Enjoy each other and the food! 

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