10 February 2012

book worm

I used to be a major book worm. Then I slipped into reading a book or two a month. Now I'm lucky to finish a book in 3 or so months. I always read a little before going to bed, that seems to be a habit that has always stuck with me. Anyone else have that problem???

I have a "Kick Your Feet Up" reading list and a "Put Your Nose Into It" reading list. I'm on the put your nose into it reading list currently. I am scoping out a few marriage books that look appealing. So help a girl out! Inquiring minds want to know...What is your favorite Marriage help book and why???


  1. That is easy, the 5 Love Languages. definately gets you thinking and is easy to understand and follow I felt like he wrote the book just to help me.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I have read that book. It's an easy read and I totally agree with you it's very relatable. On Facebook a girl mentioned a book called Cinderella meets Caveman. Love the title so much that I think I might just pick it up. Have you read it? xox <3