27 February 2012

Pitch a Tent

Winter Date Night: Pitch a Tent
Cost: Free
Perks: The two of you can get away without really getting away, make it simple, and snuggle up to keep each other warm.

Yes, this is what my hubby and I did for Valentine's but who say's you can't do this anytime of the year?  Pitch a tent in your backyard, inflate a mattress, grab a few goose down blankets and pillows, string those Christmas lights, and light a few candles. Cook your dinner and dessert on the grill.  Pick a movie for the night and watch it on your laptop in the tent. Remember you are away from home, so limit going inside as much as possible.  Enjoy your chilly little getaway!!!

If you have any winter date ideas please share them. Winter lasts for quite a few months and I would love to have a new date idea to share each week so we don't get the winter love blues!!!


  1. I don't have any ideas, wish i did. But I did a similiar tent night in our basement, hubby doesn't like the cold.

    1. I don't like the cold either so I'm betting your idea was a little more cozy. I think next year we will bring our tent inside, not literally, but we'll create our own little tent inside. Thanks for the comment. xox <3

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