27 February 2012

last kiss

While looking through mail today I came across this neat little fact..Chocoholics, behold your dream study: Researchers at the University of Michigan fed subjects Hershey Kisses in five different flavors, either saying “here is your next chocolate” or “here is your last chocolate” on the fifth and final Kiss—and then rated how enjoyable that piece of candy was. Fascinatingly, those who were told it was the last chocolate found it more enjoyable than those who didn’t know. It was also rated as the favorite candy in the bunch 64 percent of the time, no matter the flavor. This amazing effect is something researchers call “the positivity effect”—a behavioral phenomenon that seems to validate the old adage “save the best for last”! -Dr. Oz, Daily Aha, You Beauty

This got me to thinking about chocolate (i heart dark chocolate!!!) and also about last moments. "If I knew I only had one more year left, I would ____________." How many times have you heard this phrase or have said it yourself??? Why do we have to wait till the last moments to really cherish love and experiences. Would our relationships be so much more happy and fulfilling if we didn't take a single moment or gesture for granted? Wouldn't it be wiser and yummier to enjoy that first piece of chocolate as much as the last piece?

So the moral of the story...Live and Love like today is all you've got. Think of the difference this would make in your marriage, in your parenting, in the moments you spend taking your breath away! 

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