16 February 2012

24. Love is Blind

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24.  Love Is Blind

On a regular basis I find myself thinking that my hubby is way gorgeous. I'm always telling him how proud I am to show him off because I think he is better looking then I am.  I'm not saying I think I'm ugly as sin, but just that my hubby's looks rate higher then mine. So please tell me that I'm not the only wife or husband that thinks their spouse is way hot!

In doing a little bit of research on You Beauty I found a little article that told me I'm not crazy...Ok it doesn't really say that but it does say that thinking your spouse is better looking then you are is a sign of love.  Take a look at a sneak peak of the article and hop on over for more fun facts.

"Thinking that your partner is the better-looking one is actually a good thing. It may mean you’re in love. As it turns out, we’re more attracted to people with similar levels of education, IQ, socio-economic background, and looks. However, researchers have gone even further and found that the old clich√© “love is blind” is actually true.

In a study where people were asked to rate their own attractiveness, their partners rated them higher than they rated themselves. Furthermore, there is some science to back up the idea that finding your mate more attractive actually means that you are in a committed, passionate, intimate and satisfying relationship. So don’t try and see through the honeymoon haze, embrace it! The good news continues, because science has found that the haze can extend well beyond the honeymoon."

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