25 February 2012


Have you ever noticed that if your partner is in a bad mood then you end up being in a bad mood too??? If you find yourself in this dilemma a lot it can become a hinderance in your relationship. The key is to stay happy. So how do you keep yourself and your relationship upbeat and positive?

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  1. A few of my own personal tips are to first agree to get over bad moods asap and look on the bright side! If the person knows why they are in a bad mood then talk it out and just decide to look on the bright side. A good laugh is always great, so joking or watching a comedy is in order! Did I mention chocolate yet??? Have a pity party with lots of chocolate! I love exercising when a bad mood strikes, it makes a huge difference! So either exercise by taking a walk together, doing a little routine at the gym or at home, or sexercising! OOh maybe sexercise with chocolate...mmm sounds heavenly! ;* xox <3