07 January 2012

daring moments

Ok so I don't usually share stuff about my life but I'm going to tell you about our daring date night.  Last night we went ice skating with our friends, who are up for anything, and we had soooo much fun!

The last time I skated was with my cousins when I was 19, long, long ago!  I chose not to practice stopping on my rollerblades and that was a bad, bad choice.  We started skating down a parking garage and at the first pass I found myself unable to stop and I flew by everyone at mach speed.  In a desperate effort to stop, I decided to use the wall.  I ended up with a popped out ankle and in the ER waiting for surgery where they would fill me up with metal and screws.

So, needless to say I was pretty nervous to strap up my ice skates. I thought for sure I would fall on my booty and look like a fool and maybe even break an ankle again.  It was so much easier then I thought it would be.  It was even easier because my caring hubby held my hand until I felt comfortable enough to move away from the railing.   My hubby was a little more daring then I, he tried to skate backwards and twirled a few turns.  He was pretty much my hero!  We all did a great job skating, not a single cut, bruise, or break for any of us!   The moral of the story...take a risk, let loose, and have fun...the only thing holding you back is you, so get out there, be daring, and do something you're a little scared of!!!

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