16 January 2012

My Newbies...

I'm sure you've all noticed that I've had a huge, huge makeover!  I heart the new look.  I think it finally says "Tickled in Love."  I have to take a few moments to brag about the girl who did all the work.  Her name is Michelle and she is the owner of Shabby Creations, she is a web/blog design angel.  She listened to all my wishes and made them all come true.  Seriously she is amazing!  If you need any help with your own makeover, run on over to her site.

Take a few moments and look around Tickled in Love.  Go into the shop and see what's new.  Click on over to my twitter or pinterest accounts.  Share the love by grabbing my badge and placing it on your blog.  Contact me by filling out my love notes and you'll automatically start receiving all my extras.  Pretty soon you won't be able to get enough of me! lol

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