09 January 2012

Our Love Dates

Take a peek at my new gift.  Our Love Dates calendar will help you start the new year off right.  

Our Love Dates

With this dry erase couples calendar you’ll never miss a date with your spouse again.  Start the week and month off right by planning all of your relationship needs such as: honey do’s, goals, love affairs, love notes, and love cash.  

          Our Love Dates calendar comes with Love Affair cards, Love Notes cards, Naughty or Nice Love Cash coupons, His or Her envelopes, and a dry erase marker.   The Love Affair card has 5 date ideas, a bedroom idea, and a blissful idea for each month.  The 24 Love Notes are decorated with prompt messages and the 12 Naughty and Nice Love Cash coupons are to fill out as you wish for spur of the moment surprises to slip inside “His” or “Her” envelopes.  Not only is this a sensible solution for all your dates it’s also finished with decadent ribbons and lace that will entice you to proudly show off all your love dates. 

Refills for Love Affair cards (full of new ideas), Love Notes, and Love Cash will be available each year.

$45. 50

10% off each purchase of Our Love Dates through the whole month of January. So don't delay, order ASAP! 

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