08 January 2012

lover or fighter

Question of the day...How do you fight? 

While chatting with some friends my hubby and I were asked, "Ok, who yells when you fight?" At first I was a little taken back because I thought this would be obvious if you knew our personalities. Then it made me chuckle cause sometimes what you see isn't always what you get, right? 

To me fighting isn't harmonious and it makes me feel yucky. I would rather have a level headed, rational debate or argument that ends with positive solutions. Our friends would rather have all out fights with passion involved so they know their is conviction behind whatever they are fighting about.

In an argument/fight we all have different methods that work. Do you find one spouse being more verbal and loud then the other? Is one spouse going to walk out before the discussion is over? Have you noticed that you are always the one who has to say sorry first? Inquiring minds want to know, "What method works for you in your relationship?" 

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