11 January 2012

overlook the little stuff

How many of you do this...You stumble into the bathroom in the wee hours of the night, pull down your undies, and sit on the toilet rim, maybe your bum even hits the water a little bit??? Isn't that the grossest thing ever! Now how many of you, after an experience like that, have scolded your hubby for leaving the seat up?

If we think about it from a guys perspective, which my hubby pointed outfor me, he always has to put the seat up, I don't make it convenient for him by leaving it up after using the restroom. So he could have the same complaint. (Of course we all know toilets are meant to be sat on, but whatever...lol)

Ok so what's my point...How often do we see socks thrown on the floor, makeup left on the sink, the counters not wiped off, dirty dishes left on the table, the bed unmade, ect. The list of little things that annoy us are endless. Instead of pointing fingers over and over again, start overlooking the little stuff. When you do this you will find your home maybe a little messier, but a happier place for sure!

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