10 May 2012

05. Service Coupons and 06. Stop the Press

This post has double the ideas because I couldn't choose between the two.  I love both of these because they are cute and most of the work has been done for you.

We Heart Mommies

05.  Mother's Day Coupons by Beauty and Bedlam

I realize this idea is not very original or unique.  What I love about these coupons are the pictures that represents the coupon action.  If you add my little twist, this is going to be a one of a kind book.  The last page of Beauty and Bedlams pdf has 3 blank pages.  I suggest saving that last page as a picture.  The first page of their document has a cover page for your coupon book, I also suggest saving that as a picture too.  Now follow these simple step by step instructions:

1...Open up word and paste the picture of the blank coupons to your document.
2...Duplicate the page before you start editing.  Make how ever many pages your heart desires.
3...Once you've make enough page duplicates paste the coupon cover picture to your document.
4...Now it's time to start editing to create your masterpiece.  Add your own pictures of your family and think of things your wife would love help with from you and the kids.
5...Of course this wouldn't be a Tickled in Love twist unless you added in some sexy coupons too.  Find adorable pictures of yourself or of the two of you to paste onto the coupons.  These intimate coupons can be for a lunch-time nookie, anyway she wants it, or an at home spa day with a happy ending.
6...Before putting your book together,
7...Assemble your book by cutting the coupons up to create your book. Have each child write their name on the bottom of the coupon that they will fulfill.  This will make sneaking your own coupons into the book without your kids peaking at them possible.   Mix the coupons up so that she will discover one from a kid then one from you and so on.  Place the cover coupon on top and tie with a cute ribbon.

***If you have any questions about copying and editing, write a comment after this post, either I can help or another lovely follower can give you tips too.

We Heart Mommies

06. Stop the Press by Martha Stewart

Making a newspaper for your wife is just plain adorable!!!  Your kids will love filling this out and so will you.  Let each kid fill out their own page.  Now you have to create your page.  This is very easy to do with word since they have newsletter templates already created for you.  Pick the template you like and get to work.  Maybe copy the template idea from Martha Stewart and use some of her section ideas but give it a big boy twist.  For the picture section draw an activity that you enjoy with your wife.  For the story section think of something a little spicy to write about.  Make your wife feel loved, sexy, and amazing all at the same time.  For the checklist section find words you admire about her as a wife, lover, and mother.  Glue all your pages together, fold it up like a paper, and slip it into one of those red plastic bags that real newspapers come in.  When you make her breakfast in bed place this on her tray.  This will be a paper she won't be able to put down and she will treasure this forever!!!

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