06 May 2012

10. Forgive One Another

Fight for Your Love

10.  Forgive One Another

Have you found yourself in a situation where you feel like your spouse has done something to you that is unforgivable?  Have you ever done something to your spouse that you thought they would never forgive you for?  I think many of us have found ourselves in these situations.  Now let's flip this around...Have you ever been forgiven by someone who you deeply wronged?  If so how did that feel?  You should have felt a weight off your shoulders, a bit of gratitude, and or a sense of respect and love for that person.  Forgiving someone can also bring about great benefits as well.  Letting go of anger or hurt feelings can make you feel lighter, happier, and more loving.  The next time your spouse does something and asks for your forgiveness, make the effort to truly forgive them.

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