31 May 2012

34. No Kids Allowed

Bedroom Eyes

34. No Kids Allowed

Make your room a no-kid zone

For those of you without kids this is going to be easy as pie. For those of you with kids, this may sound a little harsh, especially if your room is your children's second bedroom. In order to have a better sex life you need to take a step away from every day life and focus on each other. 

When you have children you find yourselves immersed in a life that soon seems to be run by those little kids you adore. They take over the house, over your sleep, and over your free time. Before you know it there isn't a space in the house that isn't consumed by your children. As parents you need to hold onto your relationship and set boundaries for your children, allowing them to see that your relationship is a priority. By loving each other above all else you will find that this is one of the best examples and lessons you can teach your kids. Focusing on each other will also help to keep your love life thriving! 

Show your kids that you love each other and need daddy and mommy time by creating a space in your home that is for adult-only activities. A convenient room for this space is your bedroom. Once your kids learn that your room is off-limits you will be more likely to have time and space to yourselves on a regular basis. Your bedroom will become a room that is only about the two of you and will become a haven where you can sneak away for tons of naughty uninterrupted adult time!!! 

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