01 May 2012

06. Switch Times

Chase Him Down

06.  Switch Times

How many of you have a sex time routine???  My hubby and I sometimes fall into this routine ourselves.  When we both hop out of the showers after the gym we know it's go time because we are both naked and have empty stomachs, which makes the timing perfect.  Maybe your routine is right after brushing your teeth in the morning or it's as you get into bed for the night.  Instead of making your move during your usual sex times pick an unusual time to stir up the heat.  You want to take your hubby by surprise.  Get out of your comfort zone and shed a few inhibitions.  Try anything that is out of the ordinary, like hugging him from behind when he's washing dishes and softly say, "Wanna do it?" Or asking him as soon as he gets home to go clean up cause you are in the mood.   Getting out of your routine will make things exciting for both of you.  Although, I'm not suggesting you break your sex habits because scheduled sex also leads to anticipation and excitement as you count down towards sex time.  Keep those sex routines and also add in a few extra unexpected between the sheet moments!!!

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