10 May 2012

31. Stop Thinking of Her as Your Wife...

Bedroom Eyes

31.  Stop Thinking of Her As Your Wife

She's more then just your wife...so stop thinking of her as your wife!

Of course, she is the love of your life, the woman you want to be with forever, and the mother of your children.  She runs your household and family like a champ while succeeding in many other duties. 

So, yes your wife is all those things but if you want to make sex better, then try to stop thinking of her as the woman you adore and cherish when you get naughty.  Let your imagination run wild and tap into your fantasies.  Think of the woman in your bed as a dirty seductress, a mysterious temptress, or a naughty stranger and encourage her to play the part.  Focus on the severe attraction you two have for each other and forget that you are husband and wife. 

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