21 May 2012

Spring Date Night: Plant a Garden

Spring Date Night:  Plant A Garden
Cost: $20-$100
Perks:  Get a little dirty, sweat a little, and make something grow!

This is our very fist garden at my in-laws.
 We lived right down the block so
taking care of our garden was doable.
My hubby didn't believe it, but it's true girls can till too!!!  Watch out!!!
We started with plants for our first
go around.  This made me feel like we
were ahead of the game and had a decent

This is garden number 2 for us.  This is
in our very own backyard, yay!!! What
you don't see is a huge pile of rocks,
weeds, old plants, and bricks.  Sadly, I
took this picture once we had removed
the huge pile of mess!!!  You can see
we still had a lot of work ahead of us
before we could even think of planting!
Planting a garden is a great adventure to try at least once with your spouse.  Start your garden soon and before you know it you will be eating yummy salads, grilled vegetables, and scrumptious desserts all from your garden.  Be prepared to spend quality time together in your garden all summer long.  Don't be scared, the work is fun when you do it side by side!  If you've never done it, the web is full of useful tips and tricks to help you get started.  If you have planted before you know the benefits of growing your own vegetables and fruits!

This year we started with seeds, because we wanted to be adventurous, lol.  No green sprouts just rows of dirt, which is not as fulfilling as starting with plants.  I'm really, really hoping something grows in our little garden!  Cross your fingers for us!!!  

If you have any spring date ideas please share them.  Spring is the time to fall in love all over again and again! We love all the creative ideas we can get!!!


  1. If I don't see anything starting when I get back next week maybe I can share some of ours ;)

  2. lol...hmmm, that somehow doesn't sound hopeful!!! lol Do you really think we should have something growing by next week? That just seems way too quick! xox <3