25 May 2012

11. Quiz Em

Rushed Romance

11.  Quiz Em

Create a quick little check list for those last minute date nights.  Give several options for each category.  Below are a few suggestions to get you started.  Once you start thinking of your own questions you'll be on a roll.  Use this information to help you when you've procrastinated date night till the last minute.

When you are feeling active you would like to?  Go on a Hike, Take an Exercise Class Together, or Go Dancing

What is your favorite dinner location?  Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, or the Melting Pot

Who has the best desserts in town?  Cold Stone Creamery, The Chocolate Factory, or Nothing Bundt Cake

When you are feeling lazy, what activity do you like to do? A Scenic Drive, Picnic in the Park, or a The Drive-ins

When you need a pick me up what would lift your spirits? An Improv Show, a Theme Park, or a Romance Comedy

What is something you could do over and over and over?  Go hut-tubbing, Catch a Movie, or Go For a Late Night Stroll

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