13 June 2012

04. Stop the Press

We Heart Daddies

04. Stop the Press

This is another roll back from Mother's Day.  I loved this idea by Martha Stewart and thought it would be fitting for your hubby too!  I think making a newspaper for your hubby is just plain adorable and will make his day!!!  This will be as fun for you to fill out as it will be for your kids.  Since Martha didn't make one of these for Father's Day you will have to create a page for each kid to fill out and a big girl page for you to fill out.  This is very easy to do with word since they have newsletter templates already created for you. Pick the template you like and get to work. Maybe copy the template idea from Martha Stewart and use some of her section ideas but give it a big girl twist. For the picture section draw an activity that you enjoy with your hubby.  For the story section think of something a little spicy to write about. Make your hubby feel loved, sexy, and amazing all at the same time.  For the checklist section find words you admire about him as a husband, lover, and father. Glue all your pages together, fold it up like a newspaper, and slip it into one of those red plastic bags that real newspapers come in.  When you make his breakfast in bed place this on his tray. This will be a paper he won't be able to put down and he will treasure this forever!!!

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