07 June 2012

35. Healthy and Strong

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35.  Healthy and Strong

We all have heard that sex is good for your health, right?  But what you might not know is that the orgasm is what is good for a woman's health.  study published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine indicates that women who have sex less than twice a month get sick more often than those who have regular orgasms.  Researchers from the Women's Health Program at Monash University in Australia did find that women who had more orgasms had higher levels of energy, fewer illnesses and a better psychological outlook.   Women can have sex on a regular basis and feel pretty good, but in order to reap the health benefits from sex she needs to reach the finish line. So fellows this means you can add sex to your wife's health regimen along with drinking enough fluids, eating enough servings of fruits and vegetables, and taking her daily vitamins.  Just make sure she orgasms-you want her to be healthy and strong!!!

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