10 June 2012

15. Listen to Learn

Fight for Your Love

15.  Listen to Learn

Would you like easy to follow directions on how to be a better spouse, friend, lover, and parent?  All it takes is a little bit of time together talking and listening to your spouse.  If needed, schedule opportunities regularly to sit and talk.  Possible questions to discuss are:  Ask how you can be a better husband or wife.  Ask how you can be a better friend.  Discover how you can be a better mother/father.  Find out how you can be a better lover.  The key is to really listen.  If we will take the time to listen, we will learn exactly the type of partner our spouse would like us to be.   Elder Russell M. Nelson sums this up perfectly, "Husbands and wives, learn to listen, and listen to learn from one another...Taking time to talk is essential to keep the lines of communication in tact."

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