30 June 2012

I'm Your Dating Diva

At the end of last month, while browsing through Pinterest, I came across a Diva Wanted position by The Dating Divas.   The Dating Divas are a group of talented, adorable, and fun ladies.  They share all sorts of ideas like creative dates, DIY craft tutorials, and tips on strengthening marriages.  I have been in love with these ladies for several years now.

I read through their application and was intrigued, I felt that I would be a perfect fit for their team.  Submitted my 20 some page application and patiently waited.   I made it into their top 20, which was a huge surprise.  Now it was time to see if I could tough out round two applications. I felt quite intimated knowing that now I was going up against the best.

During this application process I must have done a few things right because they picked ME!!!  I am super excited to start this new journey with The Dating Divas.

Take a look at the new post introducing all the new Divas, including me!  click here--->Meet the New Divas

I heart all of you guys for your loyalty in sticking with me through the years.  You've seen me grow, open up a bit, and learn a thing or two.  I don't want to lose any of you, so follow me on over to The Dating Divas and continue to be a part of my love adventure!!!

***Find me on The Dating Divas Facebook Page by clicking ---> HERE
https://www.facebook.com/thedatingdivas )

***Find me on the Dating Divas Web Page by clicking ----> HERE
http://www.thedatingdivas.com/ )


  1. Since you have become a Diva, are you not going to be doing your site? I love the dating divas and I love your site too!

  2. Tessa, thanks for your comment and sweet compliment. I love the Dating Divas too!!! I am still making my romantic gifts, which you can always find in the shop. I am also pondering on the direction to take my little page. I have to figure out all the little fine print of what is ok for me to share and not share. I don't want to run over anyones toes. So for now just keep an eye out for me on the dating divas. Give me another week or so to get back to you on what I really plan on doing with Tickled in Love!

    xox <3

  3. Just stumbled on your site today and I LOVE it!!

  4. Awwwe how sweet are you! Stay awhile and take a peek at my shop! xox <3