12 June 2012

Who's your daddy??? Idea 1. and 2.

It's time to celebrate our favorite Daddy's!!!

Throughout the week I will be sharing cute Father's Day ideas from other sites and putting a little love twist to them.   Beware, your man is going to love you and want you this Father's Day!!!  Your man will soon be asking, "Who's your Daddy???"

We Heart Daddy's:

1.  I love my My Man from How Does She

This is a great tutorial to help make this gift easier for you.  My twist would be changing up the saying from "We love daddy" to "I love My Man."  This will be a sexy little gift to only be displayed in the bedroom.  Place scandalous pictures of you on the clips.  Maybe a few naughty notes.  Throughout the year continually change out the pictures and notes.

2.  Hate Ironing from How Does She

This is an incredible idea because it makes slackers who hate ironing, like myself, look very creative and thoughtful!  My twist to this is bundling up only a couple of shirts at a time.  Tie each bundle with a hot and steamy note, a sexy coupon, or a naughty picture of yourself possibly wearing one of the shirts or only a tie.   Leave each bundle in a not so easy to find location.

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