04 June 2012

Spring Date Night: Zip Line

Learning how to zip. I needed a couple extra passes before I felt comfortable stopping all by myself!
Spring Date Night:  Zip Line
Cost: $50-$100
Perks:  Get your adrenaline pumping, face a few fears, and enjoy a fast date with your mate!
My sexy man all dressed up in his gear! 

Zip lining is a fast paced, blood pumping, exhilarating high!  If you haven't tried it, than take a chance and just go for it!  Enjoy every moment because the adventure will be over way too soon and you will wish you could start all over again.  Don't you dare use the excuse that you are too old because there was a lively couple in our zip group celebrating their 40 wedding anniversary!  Trust me, this will be a date you'll want to repeat year after year!  Around this time of the year the zip line companies are opening again for the season and most offer groupon rates.  Sign up for groupon and keep your eye out for all sorts of deals, including zipping.
Our view from on top of the trees.  Beautiful!!!
If you have any spring date ideas please share them.  Spring is the time to fall in love all over again and again! We love all the creative ideas we can get!!!

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