14 June 2012

06. Service Coupons

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06.  Service Coupons

Yes, this idea comes from Martha Stewart!  I can't get enough of Martha she has soo many cute ideas!!!   She has templates made up for you to print with some cute coupon ideas to boot! I realize this idea is not very original or unique.  If you take this idea and make the coupons yourself than you're off to a great start that will end up very unique and totally you!  If you add my little twist, this is going to be a one of a kind book.  Martha has one coupon that is blank, I suggest saving that as a picture.  Now follow these simple step by step instructions:

1...Open up word and paste the picture of the blank coupon to your document. 
2...Duplicate the page before you start editing.  Make how ever many pages your heart desires. 
4...Now it's time to start editing to create your masterpiece.  Add your own pictures of your family and think of things your husband would love help with from you and the kids. 
5...Of course this wouldn't be a Tickled in Love twist unless you added in some sexy coupons too.  Find adorable pictures of yourself or of the two of you to paste onto the coupons.  These intimate coupons can be for a private lunch-time nookie, anyway he wants it, a sick day to be pampered any way he likes, or a massage with a happy ending. 
6...Before putting your book together, assemble your book by cutting the coupons up to create your book. Have each child write their name on the bottom of the coupon that they will fulfill.  This will make sneaking your own coupons into the book without your kids peaking at them possible.   Mix the coupons up so that he will discover one from a kid then one from you and so on.  Make a cover like Martha suggests or make your own.  
Place the cover coupon on top and tie with a cute ribbon.

***If you have any questions about copying and editing, write a comment after this post, either I can help or another lovely follower can give you tips too.

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