18 June 2012

Spring Date Night: Backyard Concert

Spring Date Night: Backyard Concert
Cost: Free
Perks: Invite all your friends and listen to live music in the comfort of your own back yard.  

Our good friend Kimo performed some smooth tunes for us.  He invited a cousin who has a sweet voice that made us sway in our seats.  Kimo Watanabe is part of a group called Rebel Zion.  Check them out, they are awesome!!! 
We have some totally awesome and talented friends that make dates like this incredible!!!  If you don't know anyone who plays an instrument or sings a sweet tune then drag out the radio.  If you want to have a great night then have a bbq before the event.   Enjoy your friends and leave a few dollars for the performers. 

If you have any spring date ideas please share them. Spring is the time to fall in love all over again and again! We love all the creative ideas we can get!!

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