14 June 2012

05. Scandalous Photo Bookmarks

We Heart Daddies

05. Scandalous Photo Bookmarks

If your man loves to read, this is the gift for you!!!  This idea comes from Martha Stewart.  She has an easy step by step tutorial for you to follow to make them easily at home.  I love that they are shaped like bow ties and her wrapping style is pretty cute too!!!  My Tickled in Love twist would be hiding bookmarks in a few of his favorite books and placing them in your favorite hiding spots.  Save a few bookmarks to randomly hide every few months, just to keep him on the lookout.  Of course I'm going to tell you to make a fair share of scandalous bookmarks with sexy pictures on them.  But of course you can occasionally add a cute one of yourself and some of your kids too.  Remember your man is looking for something HOT and sweet!!!  This will give him something to look forward to the next time he picks up his favorite book!

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