04 March 2012

01. Fulfill your spouse's number one need

So I think you all have guessed that I like trying new things out with my page. I thought we might add another little segment to all my other segments and I hope you guys enjoy this one. I have noticed that we could all use a little help improving our relationships. So I've been playing with the idea of adding a relationship challenge each week that could help strengthen your relationship. We all like a little challenge right??? Yes of course we do!!!! Relationships aren't for the lazy, they are for those that work and fight to be happy together. To help us "stretch" in our relationships I'll propose a little challenge each week that you can conquer within that week. Cheers to getting outside your comfort zone and fighting to conquer each new challenge that comes your way!

Fight For Your Love

01. Fulfill your spouse's number one need.

Ask your spouse what one thing you could do throughout the week to make them feel loved. Tell your spouse what one thing they could do for you throughout the week that will make you feel loved. Take every opportunity throughout the week to fulfill that specific request. During the week take time to see if fulfilling each others main need makes a difference for you and for them. 

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