07 March 2012

01. Shamrock Scavenger Hunt

Tickled Twist Celebrations

It's that time of you where you find yourself "Lucky in Love!"  You don't need to be Irish to enjoy all the love possibilities on St. Patricks day.  To kick you off in the right direction I'm sharing a few of my favorite St. Patty's finds.

Lucky In Love

01.  Shamrock Scavenger Hunt by the The Dating Divas 

I love this idea.  They have printables of the clues that you could steal.  The riddles are really cute.  I would make a few changes though.

My little twists would be:
*Make the gift items sexy like-candles, lube, lingerie, body paints, mints, chap stick, condoms, etc.
*Hide gifts in places that are more him-like your lingerie drawer, his favorite cereal box, in his car or briefcase
*Space the clues out-Throughout the week of St. Patty's give one clue each day with the last gift being on St. Patty's.  Or on St. Patties space the clues out throughout the whole day.
*Be the pot of gold-You cold be the last gift, dress in a sexy outfit or let him find you only tied with a green ribbon.

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