28 March 2012

Spring...Visit the Amusement Park

I am finally back!  And it's make up time, I owe you a great date idea and a sexy dish which you will find posted throughout the day.

Guess What!!!  Most of us have made it through the Winter and have moved onto Spring, congratulations to Spring Dates!  While those of us who haven't quite made it yet and are still stuck in Winter, hopefully we will soo catch up to everyone else very soon!

For the next few months we will focus on spring flings.  Who doesn't love all the colors and smells of spring!  Spring is the time for all that's lovely, new, and outdoors!  So get ready to fall in love with all that spring has to offer!

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Spring Date Night:  Visit the Amusement Park
Cost: $30-$50 each (look for local deals)
Perks:  Get outside, have some pee your pants fun, and get a tan while soaking up the sun with your hot date.

It's time to get outside, let loose, and enjoy the season.  There is no better place to have the time of your life then at the amusement park! Get on the scariest ride, hold hands, and relish in the wind blowing through your hair.  Place naughty bets on who hits each other most on the bumper boats.  Make yourself sick on the twirly rides.  Sip on iced lemonade while people watching.  The possibilities are endless.   An adventure awaits you inside the amusement park gates.

If you have any spring date ideas please share them.   Spring is the time to fall in love all over again and again!  We love all the creative ideas we can get!!!

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