29 March 2012

02. Shower Love Notes

I often find myself amazed by all the wonderful crafts, ideas, and thoughts that others share. Some people have talents that I envy or come up with ideas that I wish I had shared first. So this is my way of introducing you to my favorites with a newish little segment celebrating "Glitter In The Air".

Glitter In The Air

Remember those days when you would draw or write on the walls with things you weren't supposed to??? As I get older I find that companies are making more and more things I wish was around when I was kid! Who says that just because it's made for kids adults can't have fun using it??? Go out and grab some bath tub paints or crayons and scribble love notes, naughty notes, and encouraging notes all over your bath. Don't forget to leave a little note reminding them that it's their turn to leave you notes next. Maybe the next time you shower together you can use those paints on each other instead of the walls, think of the fun that would be!!!Today I'm stealing this idea from How Does She. This particular post is written by Shelley. She is one of three editors that help run this site. They seriously have cute stuff popping up on pinterest all the time. Which is how I came across this post. Take a peek at their site and see if you fall in love with these girls just as much as I have...

To visit How Does She click here--->How Does She...shower love notes

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