15 March 2012

DIY Romantic Silk Flower

Once a month, I -Alicia, creator of Vintage Spice goodies -get to bring you quick DIY romantic crafts! This month we'll be making a silk flower that you can add to your hair, your clothes, your sheer apron, or anything you desire.

They're so beautiful and versatile. The sky is the limit on what you can do with them! I hot glued a magnet to one and used it as a fridge magnet!

 To make it, you're going to need: 
A small amount of silk fabric (polyester will work too!)
A small amount of tulle in a matching color
A lighter (or candle)
A Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lid -or another circle object to use as a stencil
Hot Glue Gun
*Optional: hair clip, magnet, safety pin... to attach your flower to when you're done

The first thing you're going to do is cut circles out of your silk fabric. For my stencil, I used a foam circle I have on hand in my craft supplies. A wide-mouth Mason jar lid would work equally as well.

Cut out four circles:

Set the silk circles aside. Take the tulle and cut out 6 squares that are just a little bigger than the silk circles. I made the mistake of making a white flower using a white background, so I hope you can get the general idea despite the fact that it isn't totally clear:

Set the tulle aside. Take the silk circles, one by one, and cut slits in the sides to begin forming the petals.

Clip the ends off of the petals to round them out:

Using a lighter (or candle) singe the ends of the petals. They will probably catch on fire, so watch carefully!

You can clipped the burned edges off if you don't like the discoloration, but I actually love the look of it:

Next, take two squares of tulle and tie them together:

Use hot glue to glue the tulle to the burned flower:

Repeat the process two times.

Take your last silk circle, burn the edges and then clip the petals apart. Don't worry about neatness.

Glue them on the top layer in random places:

For the flower's center, you can do whatever you want! Glue in a blingy button or a rhinestone... anything you have lying around! I happened to have a strip of sparkly sheer fabric on hand:

I knotted and twisted it a little here and there until it looked like it could go in the middle of my flower, and I glued it on!

Clip your tulle down, being careful to try and make it look something like a flower, and you're done!

Hot glue a safety pin to the back and you've got the perfect accessory for jewelry, hats, scarves, hair, clothes... anything you want to add a little romantic touch to!

Enjoy making it your own!
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**I found this craft idea on Pinterest.  There's a LOT of silk flower tutorials out there!  Go HERE to check out a few!**

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