18 March 2012

Long Drives

 I promise once this weekend is over and the surprise party is over I will be back on schedule! My hubby and I are on my way to AZ just passing through Vegas, marking our halfway point.

At some time in your relationship you need to take a long drive with you're spouse. There is a lot to learn about each other while stuck in a car for 13 hours together.

We have learned that I cannot drive for mo...re then an hour our two without falling to sleep. My hubby chauffeurs me around the whole ride in order to keep us alive. To make up for my lack of driving I scratch his arm, neck, rubbing his bum, and grabbing anything he wants. I like to be entertained with chatting, books, games, and music. We have read several really good books on drives (currently we are reading the hunger games for the second time just to refresh before the movie debut). My hubby has learned patience because I need to stop for a potty break almost every hour! We both like to sneak in a little bit of freaky time while on our drive to make the time pass sooner and add a little excitement to all the shrubs and mountains. I pack tons of snacks cause you never know what you want until you want it. Luckily my hubby doesn't nag about it too much anymore. I also pack like I'm going away for a month and he packs likes he's gone for only a coupe of days. I think our trips have pointed out some of our biggest differences. It also shows us how much we can adapt, be flexible, and respect each others differences. It also shows us how well we get along and how much we enjoy these long drives together. How could I not enjoy the journey when i've got the guy that fits me best!

So get yourselves in the car and enjoy the journey. 

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