19 March 2012

Hot Tubbin' It

Our good friends Leona & Kevin with their
little boy Dominic
Winter Date Night:  Hot Tubbin' It
Cost: Depends on where you find the hot tub
Perks:  Enjoy a cold winter night sitting in a warm and cozy tub, get dressed in minimal sexy attire, relax in the fresh air. 

The day of your date pick up a smoothie for each of you, put it in the freezer to save for your date.  Find a hot tub or hot springs outdoors and enjoy the cool breeze as you stay toasty warm.  Depending on where you go you can find a pretty view as you watch the mist rise off your skin.  The one disadvantage is freezing your butt off as you get out of the pool.  So if you can have a towel nearby and a change of warm clothes. 

If you have any winter date ideas please share them. Winter lasts for quite a few months and I would love to have a new date idea to share each week so we don't get the winter love blues!!!

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